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In 2003, I recorded 98% of Rattlecan Shimmer, then moved on to other projects. In 2007, I did a rough mix of the tracks for a friend and decided the 2%, while probably advisable, was not necessary. I assembled the packaging, and here it is, all 98% of it.

This low-fi collection features me on all of the instruments (guitar, bass, piano, percussion, vocals, etc.) and while it would be fair to call it a "drafts" tape (with occasional quavering harmonies and tenuous lead guitar parts) I have long contended that drafts (recorded when the song is fresh and vibrant) are often better than polished "final" versions (recorded when the song is familiar and formal.) I am pleased with the urgency of these recordings.

The disc features ten songs (with lyric sheet and bonus propaganda) for $8.00, including postage. If you'd like to purchase a copy, email Bill @ (this site) with a mailing address, and you'll get a reply indicating where to send the check. (Sorry, I'm not set up for plastic.) Thanks.

Track List (click gold tracks to hear MP3)       
Six-foot Receiver
Gardener of Eden
This Ride's Not for Sissies
Yellow Brick Highway
Everything Nice
Ten Digit Memory
Golden Ghetto Melody
Epiphany of Vengeance